Favourite content/ Top content English

Hi everyone, I want to share my Top 12 of favorite and useful content in English that I’ve been using last 6 month.
Hopefully we can help each other to find enjoyable content!!

1- Harry Harrison, Deathwold
If you like reading and listening to science fiction books for sure that you should try this one, about a gambler who becomes involved with colonists of an extremely hostile planet. You can find it in the library of LingQ so It’s easy to check the words you don’t know. I recommend it for people who want to read his first unabridged book, because Its short, chapter per day for example. Nice Voice. Lots of new words.

2- AJ’s Podcasts. My Favorite teacher and motivator always speaking about the process of learning a language. Funny, natural and really easy to understand. He has a series of lessons with different interesting topics. I always hear his pod-casts when I need an extra motivation. You can find him on youtube or in the ling library. Recommended for intermediate, or if you enjoy it for all stages.

3- Timm Ferris, Blogger and writer, Speaks about different topics, but generally about how to acquire new skills (languages, business, physical performance) Have a look in youtube.Normally I hear to his interviews on Internet and I import the chapters of his books to ling.

4- Steve Kaufmann, I think he does not need an introduction, I have check all of his content on Ling and every week I wait for his new videos on his youtube channel. Easy to understand. Motivational.

5- Tommy Robinson. Motivational speaker, about life business and achieve goals in life. Check in youtube. Fast speaker but really energetic voice.

6- Starwars audiobooks. There is a big audiobook library of Starwars available in the market (audible). From all the audiobooks I’ve heart, The starwars ones are the best ones in terms of quality voices, music… They work with effects and different voices and that make the listening much more enjoyable. Recommended only to advance level, really hard to follow the plot and impossible to check all the unknown words but really useful to work in the big picture. (Recommendation: Revan)

7- TED, Conferences of the best professionals of different areas share their experiences. Easy to find in youtube, or ling library. Just you need to find what you are interested in.

8- The Game of trones audiobook. Really hard to understand and impossible to check the unknown words but I enjoy the voice and the plot. You can buy in audible.

9- 100 ways to motivate yourself. 2 hours audio with 100 tips to motivate yourself, I like listening to some of the tips. No transcription, but easy to understand.

10- www.education-portal.com on line courses. One of my favorites websites, learn about history, science, psychology… Choose the course you like and start with each lesson video format with transcription easy to import to ling. For example: Human Growth and Development.

11- VOA Voice of America/ People of America. Really interesting biographies of famous people in America like Michael Jackson, Martin Luther King, Luis Armstrong… Recommended for beginners to intermediates or intermediates, because the voice is in slow motion. They use music and real speeches and that make the listening more pleasant.

12- http://www.openculture.com/freeonlinecourses: Amazing resource of free courses and audios. I highly recommend a course of nutrition, of a university recorded lessons, I learn a lot about nutrition for free, as If I would be gone to the same university classes myself.

I hope you find some of the content interesting and useful, you can comment and give your opinion or suggestions of favourite content!