Favorite Blogs about Learning a Language

What are your favorite blogs about learning a language?

Three months ago I started a blog to keep track of my self learning, and I discovered that there were other people who do the same. Now I follow blogs of other people who are studying Korean. I learned a lot from Tutorials | Loving Korean | Boyfriend in Korea about how to study, how to type Hangul, international pen pals, etc.

I found LingQ because Steve posted on my blog.

So which blogs do you follow about language learning, if any? Do you blog, and if so about which language?

I blog for German learners on LingQ. There is one blog that is more static with helpful information about learning German with LingQ. And there is a second blog where I write about new lessons and other topics that came to my mind. Additionally I’ve a facebook page for the German learners where I post interesting things that I’ve found, and I publish new posts on my blog there. You can find the links on my profile.

I read some blogs too, but mainly when I search for information about a specific topic. Additionally I’m subscribed to some pages on facebook, youtube, twitter etc. about language learning. I admit that I used blogs more when Google reader was available. Unfortunately Google stopped this reader :frowning:


I used to love read members’ blogs at the time when any updates were fed into our timeline here on LingQ. There were some great ones, some from active members, some from those who only used LingQ to get themselves read. Sadly, that stopped some time ago and then, when “posterous” got swallowed up, my own blog went the way of all earthly things.

I now only read blogs when I remember to check them out or when I come across an interesting one on Twitter. Do videos count as blogs? There’s always Steve and the rest of the polyglott community, some more interesting than others. In any case, by following one on Twitter, one automatically gets offered the others. Twelve for the price of one.

Just imagine how much more time I could waste if I were on Facebook. Wow. I’d never stop reading.


Veral, you are so dedicated to the LingQ community. Very impressive how much time you share.

My blog is on WordPress, and I read blogs with the WordPress Reader.

My blog is more diary of learning Korean than a publication with valuable articles. Still, if you want to see some pictures of mountains where I live, you could check out this entry Mt Greylock | Hanguk Babble.

I have recently gotten lost in browsing polyglot blogs. I do probably spend time reading about travel and culture of Korea that should be devoted to learning the language, but I am doing this all for fun. No deadlines. Learning a language is new to me, I am all wide-eyed and curious.

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Hi Julia, it seems to me that you are dedicated to learning Korean as well. It is amazing how much you blog :wink: I love the pictures from Mt Greylock. It looks like a place I would love to visit too.

My blogs are on WordPress too but I host them on my own, not on Wordpress.com. I love to have more control over them :wink: I started my blogs with Posterous because of a recommondation here on the forum. Unfortunately it was sold to Twitter and closed after a year. I decided to move them to Wordpress.

I have an alternative Reader, but I find myself using it not as often as Google reader. I don’t know why. Maybe I feel inside that I’ve spend much to much time reading blogs instead of learning languages too :wink: I think as long as it is fun, it is fine.

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I started blogging because I had too many ideas in my head I thought it would explode. Haha. Once I have written it down, it won’t be forgotten and frees up my brain for fresh thoughts.

“The Artist’s Way” author talks about how journaling is like windshield wipers for the soul. Blogging is that for me, I’m discovering.

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