FARSI (Persian) - Will LingQ be adding it in the future?

Hello everyone, first off, I’d like to congratulate you guys on an awesome website. I really think this style of learning is the future of language education. So thank you for creating a great language learning tool.

Having said all that, I was wondering if you guys were considering adding Persian to your beta languages? I personally know quite a few people that would be able to help get some good material up. Anyhow, let me know if you’re interested in that and I can get in touch with them. Thanks and ciao.



I’m hanging out for Farsi, too. I learned half the alphabet script…then didn’t go ahead with learning the language for the time being, since I’d prefer to do it on LingQ.

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I would love to learn farsi

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We have no plans to add Farsi at the moment. However, if you are able to gather content and meet the requirements identified on our beta languages page, we will add it. New Languages on LingQ