Facility for recording and uploading our voice to be corrected

So I’m wondering it would be great if there was this option to read a text out loud and upload it here so that native speakers could listen to it and tell the poster about his/her mistakes and also TRY TO NOTICE why he/she did not sound native.
Since this is my main problem…

Try Livemocha.

Or it is possible during a conversation with your tutor. You can work on the prononciation. It’s very usefull. Which language are you learning?

Thanks you two…I need this type of help in English but I have this crush on French so in near future, I’m planing to resume my French learning too…

By the way I just noticed that I’ve been a member of livemocha for a while and I’ve got lots of spam emails from it…
I don’t think if this website provides me with what I need…do you?

I myself have been looking for this for a while, too.

LingQ does not have this feature as of today.

Livemocha has something that is close to what you need. It does not allow you to define your own content though. But still you don’t need to follow the text and you can say what you want. You will get comments very quickly.

Thank you very much for this information. I have just signed up for this site. But I don’t know if I will use it.

Yes, I tried Chinese today, buton Livemocha, it costs much money to correct my prononciation.

I think it is a good idea to submit my recordings. Before creating mp3 fils, I have to read aloud them again and again, at least ten times the same text in order to examine my pronounciation.

I hope that we will be able to submit tutors mp3 files on LingQ.

Oh I just got two feedbacks from native speakers. I have a HSK (Chinese speaking intermediate level test) next month. This site is very helpful. I will use only speaking practices Livemocha.

I don’t know it costs money on livemocha to have your pronunciation corrected.

I signed up with Livemocha when I began my French studies almost three years ago. I still have an account there, and use it from time to time. Many changes have occurred, but you can still sign up for a free account and get your writing and audio submissions corrected free of charge. The best and fastest way to get feedback is to request help from about 10 or more people in your target language. Random, but effective. When I submitted writing and speaking exercise for Spanish about 2 months ago, I received about 10 corrections in a matter of 30 minutes.

They have different options to pay for different packages. For example, if you want Expert tutor review the cost is $5.00 for 50 tokens. I think Expert tutoring is about 10 tokens per submission any length, so that works out to be $1.00 for every submission. But it can be any length. If you write 100 words or 200 words, you are still only paying a dollar for that particular submission. Again, you can write a long or short passage then submit for Free or for Expert tutoring review. If you submit your writing for free, any one in your target language will correct it. With audio submissions, it’s best to use Expert tutoring because they leave audio feedback i.e., they will read the passage and sometimes brief comments in the target language.

The interesting thing about Livemocha is that it is a great place for beginners. Advanced learners have to be creative with their submissions. For example, a prompt might look like this: ‘Describe six people using adjectives’ a beginner will use the adjectives learned in the lesson and write about 6 sentences, an advanced student might write 5 paragraphs with more complex sentence structure. Also, Livemocha is a great place to review the basics for the advanced learner.

The ‘free’ audio submissions sometimes receive audio review. In my experience with French audio submissions, no one leaves audio feedback, just a written review. Whenever I submitted an audio exercise in Spanish, I always received audio review from the members. I have no idea why that was the case.

Oh, and they have free online Chat. I do not use this feature. I’m weary of such things because I am just a cautious gal.

Thanks for the detailed information, Yvette. Much appreciated.

Oh, I got many 5 feedbacks from native speakers today. It is very nice to improve my pronounciation. Plus, it is free. Thanks.

Thanks,Yvette. I have understood the sytem little by little. I tried to submit recording in English and French, but all the texts are not so difficult. But it is good go check up and improve my pronounciation because my TOEIC SW’ score is ndnot so good. (“Reading aloud text” level is medium).

dilemme, for Chinese you may also want to look at aichinese.com. I personally found this very, very useful. I think it is free to trial.

3kingdoms and dillemme, you’re both welcome. :slight_smile: And dillemme you are right, all the texts are easy; that’s a serious shortcoming at Livemocha. There is little to challenge the evolving learner, and most of the texts are one dimensional; but the texts make for a good primer, a good starting place for getting into the basics, and a good place to practice pronunciation of basic words. Once the learner enters the high beginner, lower intermediate stage, however, Livemocha offers little to accommodate that or further growth.

Just to say that providing an integrated capability for recording and exchanging sound files, is yet another item on our long wish list at LingQ.

The trouble is, it’s a bit tricky to add feedback to an mp3. Unless Alex or maybe Ilya have any ideas.