Facebook sharing under the new upgrade

The new upgrade is handling quite a few issues nicely!

I had a little trouble sharing my lesson, however. When I tried to share a specific lesson, from the share tab, in the lesson, what posted to facebook was not the lesson, but just a generic link to my lessons page, I think, along with a generic note to check out LingQ. I can’t post that more than once. My followers will get bored.

In the past, a nice attractive picture from the lesson posted, as well as the name of the lesson and a little blurb about the lesson. That seems like better marketing to me, and perhaps this is a bug which came along with the new upgrade.

Also, how can you change which Facebook account you are linked to? Mine is stuck on an account I don’t want to use.


Glad to hear that you’re enjoying it!

I’ll take your comments/questions one at a time :slight_smile:
If you share an item via Facebook you will be directed to a screen that connects to Facebook. On this screen you can write a little blurb about the lesson in the box at the top. If you don’t want the link to say “LingQ” and have our generic description then you can click both of those fields and change them to whatever you like.

We’ll look into what we can do about changing the default description and title for the linked section.

In order to change the account that is linked you must go to your Profile page (which you can access by clicking on the logo on the top left) then by clicking on the “Share” button located right below the Progress Snapshot. From here you can add the account that you would like to use.

That sounded promising but was tricky. It kept logging back in to same account, with no opportunity to enter new account info. The trick turned out to be that I had to log out of the one account, in order to be able to complete the form properly. So thanks for getting me to the right place to start. I have that resolved now and that allowed me to perform a test of the Facebook sharing.

Facebook sharing is not working in a way that you like, I am guessing. The top three posts I just posted on my Facebook wall are all from different lessons.

If you can’t see them I will send a screen shot, or you can friend me or something.

I wonder if anyone else is having this issue. I tested again today and the facebook sharing does not appear to be working the way desired. Please note my top three posts.


@KnowitSome - When sharing from the lesson page, it doesn’t show the lesson info. For the lesson info to show, you have to click I know all and that notification will be sent. We will try to change the post that appears when sharing from the lesson page. It is in our list of enhancements.

OH! I had no idea. I have tried it just now, and now I see that the sharing happens automatically and I don’t have to think about clicking that share link at all…once I have done the initial sign up. Yes, I think that some different instructions on the page might be helpful as others may be having the same trouble.