Facebook FanPage Francais

Since months this was announced by “Profile HTML”. They wrote:
“Please be aware that Facebook will no longer be supporting profile boxes very soon. You should move your content to a profile tab instead.”
This solution is not as nice as the old one. It would be great to have it back on the sidebar.

Ok, si Mark ou Steve m’en donnent l’autorisation, je vais en fabriquer une avec l’aide de Photoshop et je la mettrais à la place de ma photo , (enfin, le temps que je le réalise).

@hahajeries - Pas de probleme! Nous vous donnons l’autorisation.

Ok, merci Mark, je vous tiendrais au courant.

@Mark: Do you remember the ‘broken’ icon nect to the LingQ url when IE became flashy?

Well, my LingQ badges in Hotmail show a faint outline of that same kind of icon but no bades at all. I had taken the HTML (?) script with which you had provided us at the time. For the time being I have deleted the shadow boxes.

Don’t worry unnecessarily though, I can live without the badges for a while!

@SanneT - The same thing happened to Steve on his blog. I had to get the HTML from LingQ again and replace it on his blog. I think our code changed at some point on the badges page and for some reason during our recent changes the old code no longer works. If you grab the code from the badges page on LingQ again and replace the code you are using in Hotmail, it should work fine.

Thank you. Now I can go and play again…I’ll let you know if it doesn’t work.

Let’s hear it for the oldies: I did it!

All I had to do was to add was a width element after the border one. The width is not given in the HTML of the badge on the lesson page, but I remembered Mark and David Martin writing about it when we first had the badges in this format. So I looked for the old post. (I set my signature badge to width=“180”/).

Nice work SanneT! For those of you less technically capable, there is a field on the badges page that lets you enter your width which is then added to your code snippet before you copy and paste it. Either way, works the same.