"Extractor error" trying to import from Youtube

I there. I’m getting this when trying to import Youtube videos. I haven’t found any solution in the forum, so I’m reporting it here. Thanks!

Importing failed - ERROR: An extractor error has occurred. (caused by KeyError(u’captions’,))

Forget it. What I really wanted to do was to simply add a Youtube video to my lesson, since importing from Youtube apparently doesn’t work already unless the video has CCs on it.

I must say it took me over 30 minutes to figure out how to do this, which probably means we have an UX/UI barrier to be figured out by the development team, but I’m still happy with the fact that was is possible to do it - so, many thanks for that.

I guess it’s one of the complications of offering flexible platforms that allow people to do so much stuff in one single place.

Anyway… for anyone trying to do the same, here’s the answer:

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Yes, you can only import videos with available subtitles. Otherwise, there’s nothing our importer can grab and upload if subtitles aren’t available.