Exporting lessons in Japanese

I’ve been trying to export Japanese lessons from LingQ to my Cowon J3 multimedia player. The player only displays extended text files, the Japanese flavour it accepts seems to be shift-JIS. So I copy and paste from LingQ into Open Office, and save as Shift-JIS.

There seem to be three different flavours of Shift-JIS text file, CR, CR / LF and LF. I have no idea what these are or the difference between them, so I have tried all three. The CR file displays all my lines as one line, and, possibly because of this, the paging doesn’t work. The CR / LF displays gibberish and the LF file displays as empty.

I’m using the Windows Japanese IME and PMincho. Is there anything else I can try? Apart from converting the file to PDF and displaying it on my ebook reader, which would probably work, but wouldn’t fit in my pocket.

What about using a Texteditor (see below) and saving the stuff using encoding “UTF-8”?

Good text editors:
Notepad++ for Windows or
Text Wrangler for Mac,
both are free and are able to save text in many encodings.

The encoding that is used most, and on all operating systems (Win/Mac/linux), is UTF-8 and I am sure the Cowan J3 understands it.