Export Vocabulary Lists

It would be handy if it were possible to export our Lingqs as a text file separated by tabs so that we can pop them into our favoured SRS program.

Basic, Plus and Premium members are able to export any list of LingQs with Hint and Phrase from your Vocabulary page as a csv file. Most SRS programs should accept both tab delimited and csv files.

Hello Mark,

I tried to export the vocabulary list as a CSV file however, excel did not recognize the Japanese characters. Normally, when importing a file into excel, it will ask about the coding for such characters but the CSV file opened right away without any options to show unicode characters or whatever. Any ideas how I might do this? Thanks.

@jbudding - That’s strange. I can open the file no problem in Open Office or Google Documents. I don’t have Excel but I don’t see why there would be a problem. Try opening it with Google Docs. What are you trying to do with the file in Excel? I would assume that most people exporting their words are doing so to import the file into another srs system or something like that.

I love the new Lingq iphone app but it is useless to me when I am without a wifi connection, as wifi hotspots are not ubiquitous just yet. I hope at somepoint the app will be able to store lingq flashcard lessons permanently. But until that happens I am curious what other applications people use to store their flashcards on their computers and iphone, itouch.

I believe that the Santa’s little dwarves are working on an off-line version or something of that nature. BTW thanks for the great Portuguese content.


I open a German card list in Excel and it had problems with the special characters.

I saved it as a .txt file and opened it in Word. Word asked for the encoding (I used UTF-8). The characters were recognized.

I am still having problems getting the Hint field to display in Anki - see Help From Anki Users Please - Language Forum @ LingQ

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