Explanation of Progress Snapshot

100% achievement of targets set daily mean -in my case- circa 80 Activity Score on the day. From yesterday evening to this morning -then at night- my Activity Score was reduced to 181 points. Without any of my activities in the LingQ! This practically means “lose” an input of work for at least two days! On the pupil may be working not very stimulant. This is a living contradiction what the program seeks to achieve the Progress Snapshot. How is this possible?

Another issue relates to the section Known Word’s. Daily through Vocabulary and many Flashcards areas: more than 200 words. The Actual is the number appears 3 or 4 maybe 5 or 6. All in all very little, and Target was significantly below the “norm”. So a lot of work, which is not valued anywhere. So how do handle that deliver to Target “norm”?

Hi Tone,

The Activity Score measures your activity for the last 30 days. Anything more than 30 days ago will not be included.

Known Words measures all the words you claim to know when you Update a lesson and includes all words that you change to Status 4 either by testing them correctly enough times in your flashcards or by manually changing the status to 4-Known.

Hi Mark!
Thank you for your clarification. This is my second occurring. So I assume that there must be some logical explanation. Now it is clear to me what this is.
For the other topics the following: uncertainties related to debate under the theme “Updating my statistisc (automatically)”. It is appropriate to debate the same issues in one section. Therefore, the “moving” in that subject.