Expired Point

Hi Mark,

Very often I meet the same Problem : The expiration Point.
If you have bought points and earned points, and used some points, it is impossible to know how many points we have to use before when? This morning 349 points are expired whereas I thought to have use enough points to use them before expiration. If I had known I would have submitted a writting yesterday. You know Points are important for us, and it is very inconvenient to use them et to follow their use.
Maybe you can do something for that.

Hi Cecile,

We would like to implement a way to display points usage information for you but it is not that easy to do and we have a long list of things we need to do first. For now, all you can do is to look at when you received points and make sure that you spend at least that many points in the following 90 days.

Hi Mark,
It is exactly what I already do, but it is very difficult too do that because there are a lot of mooves.


I have sort of the same question. Is there a cut off date when you take points away? The reason why is that I have been fairly active for the last few months and a few days ago, I had over 850 earned activity points. Yesterday I started again from Zero or how does that work?

This might be a problem. There is a difference between activity points (score) and bought points (credits).

Activity points, from what I have seen, are simply a measure of your activity.
Bought points, are those which you use for tutoring, speaking, text correction, etc.

Perhaps these two need to be distinguished Mark? (score vs credits?)

@arenas - Your activity score is a measure of your activity over the last 30 days. If you have been active and then your activity drops for the next 30 days, your activity score will decrease towards 0. This has nothing to do with your points for tutoring which expire after 90 days.

@YLearner - These are identified separately as the Activity Score and as Points, which are only used for tutoring. However, there are two numbers that appear in different places on the site and can be confusing. Nowhere are both referred to as points.

Definitevely. I do have an idea that there is a difference between activity points and bought points or credits. I also understand that if you dont use your credit points, they will dissapear like magic. I am concern that I had over 850 activity points at the beggining of the month and now I have Zero (not counting the ponts i made today). Can anyone explain that to me? Thanks

I see now :slight_smile:

Arenas - have you been active at LingQ daily, say, today, yesterday, the day before yesterday, a week ago, two weeks ago and so on? If you do the same things here at LingQ, each day, your activity score will remain pretty constant. Your saying that you suddenly lost 850 activity points makes me wonder how active you have been.

You have 55 created LingQs and 3 learned LingQs in the last month. That is why you have a score of 58. If you want a higher score, you have to be more active on the site. Creating LingQs, learning LingQs, writing and speaking. If you want a statistic that reflects your cumulative efforts, use the Known Words total on your badge.

A good activity score is only something that might encourage effort in studying the language.

Time on task!

Thanks Mark, however I have been active in the last three months skipping one or two days but that’s it. Last month I even got on the top users list that you post on the right side of community page, yet what I am saying is that five days ago, I had over 850 activity points. This morning I had nothing. That is fine, I was just wondering where they went. Maybe every 30 days they get erased and then you have to start all over again. All I am trying to find out is: is there a cut off date?

activity of the last 30 days is counting.

For example,
1-Dec-2008 – 31-Dec-2008: do nothing.
1-Jan-2009: created LingQs – 20, submitted words – 80. Activity score (3-Dec–1-Jan): 100
10-Jan-2009: created LingQs – 200, learned LingQs – 30. Activity score (12-Dec–10-Jan): 330
15-Jan-2009: created LingQs – 20, learned LingQs – 5, discussions --1. Activity score (17-Dec–15-Jan): 415
31-Jan-2009: created LingQs – 10. Activity score (2-Jan – 31-Jan): 325
9-Feb-2009: do nothing. Activity score (11-Jan – 9 Feb): 95

Actually, I can see that you have an Activity Score of 514 right now. This is the number in the left hand column which is the cumulative number for all your languages. In the Progress Snapshot it will only show the activity score from the curently selected language. Perhaps your 0 was only in one of your languages…

I do thank everybody for trying to help in. I am not trying to be diffucult. I agree that the score is only a measure of activity.

Cakypa.- Thanks for the example but if that is the case, I should have more than two thousand points.

Mark.- the 514 points you and I see are from activity for the last week. The question remains. What happened to the points from last month? and the month of October? If it is as Cakypa says, I should have over two thousand points. Example: In October I had over 1600 activity points. I was included in the list of the most active. so far so good?. November I was active creating an extra couple of hundred points (skipping only one or two days). If we add: 1600 plus 200 plus 514 I made this month only. I should have more than 2000 activity points. Again, no problem if they somehow dissapear, I am confident in my studies and dont base my learning in points but time on task as Ylearner says. I was just curious as to what happened. This morning for instance, I had 361 accumulative points for all languages, then I worked a couple of hours on some lessons: 4 points for English, 20 points on Portugues, 58 points on Russian, and so on and son on to obtain 514 accumulative points. Now, a few days ago, I looked at my accumulative points (in the left hand column under all my languages) and registered 867 points to be exact. Again, I am probably answering my own question. For some reason they are not there anymore. Oh well, lets just keep learning.

arenas, your Activity Score only includes the last 30 days activity. Whatever you did in October does not matter anymore.

If it is as Cakypa says, I should have over two thousand points
Nothing of the kind. See the last two lines at my example :slight_smile:

To my mind, It is not a simple accumulation but an average of accumulation. Like marks at school : you don’t adds marks but make an average.

I wonder why people are focusing that much on their activity points. It has nothing or almost nothing to do with bought points, it’s just a snapshot of our activity. I was pretty active during the first months of my subscription, being every month in the top ten active members. I have seldom gone past the score of 1,000 for many months, but I don’t think I have been stagnating on a plateau.
Currently, my activity score is higher in german than it is in English, why? The reason is quite simple: I highlight more new words in a one-hundred-word German content than in a one-thousand-word English’s. I spend as much time working on my German as working on my English. In the same amount of time, I save ten times as many German new words as English’s.
As our activity score depends mostly on the number of saving words, learned words, and then known words, do the math!
Don’t focus too much on this activity score, just worry about the deadline of bought points , and spend them in due time.