Experiencing lingq after having premium run out

I bought a six month lingq subscription, enjoyed it but it ran out and will be buying another one soon.

In the mean time I have started using a free text to speech program that does the exact same thing as lingq until pay day. But, trust me don’t bother it’s not worth your time.

Time is money, think about all those community translations that save you time reading texts on lingq. Lingq costs $10 a month that’s half an hours work for most people that live in the west. I know if I continued to use the free software I would of wasted at least a good 10 hours a month looking up words.

10 hours a month wasted that’s $200 that you could of made. $20/hr x 10.
Come to think of it. That free software isn’t really free is it.

Your exactly right, time is money and using LingQ has saved me tons of time.

As someone learning Japanese, I need to look up every character I come across since they aren’t in Romaji. LingQ let’s me do this in an instance so my “flow” isn’t being disrupted.

I look at it this way, 1 hour of studying on LingQ would probably mean 1.5 hours at least doing it any other way.

500 hours on LingQ = Minimum 750 without LingQ. That’s a ton of time saved.


For Japanese I highly recommend Tae Kim’s Grammar Guide if you want an good overview of the grammar without getting stuck down into too much detail. http://www.guidetojapanese.org/grammar_guide.pdf .