Excited about the edit lesson button

I am so excited about the edit button. This button is shown at the top of every lesson page. It looks like a pencil. Until I clicked on this edit button I did not know that we could import mp3s into an imported lesson.

I have a favorite podcast site in German (am I allowed to tell everyone that it is Slow German by Annik Rubens?) that has interesting spoken and written texts that can be imported using the bookmarklet and edited to inclue the mp3 files. The result is a private lesson that works exactly like the public LingQ lessons.

Why not give it a go?

If anyone has similar sites that they use in this way, I, and I am sure others, would be very interested.

Viel Spaß!

It’s a pity that Annik didn’t give us permission to use her podcast on LingQ. I’m considering to ask her again.
Unfortunately it is not common to add a script to podcasts in Germany. That is why I’ve created so many lessons for LingQ on my own.

Vielen Dank, Vera. I particularly appreciate your A bis Z: Geschichten aus der Zeitung. I liked 100 Jahre Jugendherberge, Kinder interessieren sich für Schildkröten, Klo-Geld in Schulen und Musikinstrumente für Schulanfänger.

It helps a lot that you give your collections an album name that is recognised in itunes. This makes finding the tracks very much easier.

I understand what you mean. I love to organize things. That is why I took care from the beginning for lesson names, album names, etc. and I’ve tagged all the mp3 files.

I’m glad that you like A bis Z: Geschichten aus der Zeitung. I like these stories too. They give people an idea about daily life in Germany, or telling intersting stories. And I love to write them. That is much more interesting than writing grammar lessons :slight_smile: I’ve some more ideas in the back, but I’m always too short on time to make lessons from all my ideas.