Exchange translation: Format is mixed up

I’ve asked for a translation into English. The translation was formatted well by the tutor.

It is shown as a text without paragraphs on the Exchange page.
It is shown correct when I import the lesson on the Lesson page.
It is shown as a text without paragraphs on the Import page.

By the way, how can I manage to have the translation (English) as a lesson in the English slot and not the original text (German) as a lesson in the German slot with the English text put in the translation? The other way round would make much more sense to me.

@VeraI - Thanks for your feedback. I believe the issue related to formatting has already been reported and should be fixed in our next update.

Regarding the second issue, this one was discussed in a previous thread and Mark mentioned that we would keep this in mind as we continue to refine the Exchange.

Thank you. I didn’t know what is on your list and what has been reported now. Sometimes it is difficult to keep track with all the posts here. There are so many …

Regarding the second issue, I’ve reported a problem but I’m not sure if it is the same or just related to this problem.

@VeraI - No problem. Thank you for reporting these. I agree that it is sometimes difficult to keep track via the forum, hence why we use internal tools for this. We’re continuing to work on the Exchange and our next update should include quite a few fixes and minor enhancements to the platform that is already in place.