Exchange requests unnoticed?

Hi guys,
I’m finding it almost impossible to have a Swedish file transcribed on Exchange.
Several days ago, I posted the audio file as an open request and a Swedish corrector said he could transcribe it for me. I sent him the audio file via e-mail, as we didn’t know that he could download the file from the Fulfill Request window. Meanwhile, another user started transcribing the file but without clicking on “Fulfill Request”, so I told him another user was already doing this. In any case, I couldn’t have awarded any points to the latter user…
The former Swedish corrector never fulfilled the request, so I eventually chose a different corrector, who was among the most active ones. However, he still hasn’t fulfilled it, either.
I know that tutors can choose whether they want to be alerted about Exchange requests, otherwise they are not notified. What if the request is a Personal request?
I’m starting to wonder whether my request will ever be fulfilled…
Thanks for any answers and advice,

I receive mail notifications about open exchange requests and personal requests.
Transcribing audio is very time consuming, are you offering enough points to make it interesting?

I’m offering the amount of points suggested by the system. The first Swedish corrector had spontaneously offered to do it, then he disappeared…

In general I think it is fair to offer the suggested points. I got offers with lower points and I admit that I refuse them because the rates of LingQ are quite low.

I’ve checked the number of points that the system suggests for transcriptions. It is about 75 points for 1 minute as far as I can see. This is much too low in my opinion. I know it take me 30 minutes to transcribe 7 minutes of text if it is not spoken too fast. I need additional time to fix typos, punctuation, formatting etc. In 30 minutes I get 1,000 points for a conversation. So 150 points per minutes seems much more fair to me.

I don’t know who has made the rates. Maybe he/she has never transcribed a text?

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I understand your point, Vera, and I agree that the person who fixed the rates for transcriptions may have never done one.
However, some months ago I asked for the transcription of two much longer files in Polish (10-15 minutes compared to 5 for this Swedish file) and my requests were fulfilled within few hours… And I hadn’t offered more than the suggested points.

I have now made the request open again, and had an alert sent to all my friends who are Swedish tutors. Let’s see if someone wants to do the transcription.

I do think an open request makes more sense for transcription like this. The more people who see it, the more likely it is to get done in a reasonable time. The rates in the system are only a suggestion. As you say, the response of others will vary by language. You may find that in some languages you need to increase the points you offer or you may have to work harder to find someone to fulfil your request.

I love to make transcription of Russian texts. I’d like to see more requests to transcribe audio in my native Russian language.

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