Exchange relates to points?

Do the “post to exchange” items intersect with points at all?

@creimann - Yes, points are what will be used for the Exchange. Please see the thread I just posted for more information about the LingQ Exchange:

So if I correct, and am corrected on, texts of equal size, I have the same number of points at the end of the day?

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@creimann - That’s correct. Do keep in mind that the number displayed is just a suggested number. You are welcome to increase or decrease this number based on how many points you have and are willing to pay for this specific service.

Sorry to be dense, but what number is displayed?

@creimann - When you click the post button you’ll see a popup which asks who you want to submit it to and also gives you a suggested number of points to offer with the request. Perhaps my fault as I assumed you had clicked this :slight_smile: