Exchange Issue re: choosing a title

I’m trying to post an exchange using Chrome. Here’s the problem:

I’ve put in the text, but when I try to write out a subject in the subject field, it won’t let me. When I start typing, it starts predicting what I want to choose by going through former titles and other unfamiliar text, placing that in the subject line. I can’t delete it and start fresh. When I choose something from the list neutral, like “untitled” it pulls up an old draft or post.

How do I simply write out a new subject line for my exchange request?


@ Christian
Here is a Work Around: type the title in the text field below the subject field, then copy and paste your title into the subject field.

I encounter the very same problem using Firefox 26.0 / Mozilla Firefox Linux Mint 1.0.

@CTaylor - It seems this only happens when the dropdown list is active. What you can do is click on the Title box, then move your cursor away to make sure the dropdown isn’t showing. As soon as the dropdown disappears you should be able to type text in as normal. In the meantime I’ve added this to our list!