Excessive Listening time recorded using iPhone

Yesterday, I listened and read to an imported YouTube video, LingQ had split it into 4 parts, I had never opened it before.
Before I started I made a note of my listening time for the day: 2.39 hours. After I finished the 4 lessons my listing time read: 4.29 hours, indicating an increase of almost 2 hours. This is unexpected since the video itself is only 45 minutes long.
I performed this activity on an iPhone using the LingQ app in version 5.2.2 (9).
What I have noticed is that the audio in some of the lessons is unnecessarily long. I pressed pause when the audio, matching the lesson text, had played.
Lesson 1: 45:31

Lesson 2: 27:16

Lesson 3: 18:14

Lesson 4: 5:06

I imported the video a year ago, so the importer might work differently now. Also, feel free to deduct any cheaty coins I have earned during this activity.

Another thing I noticed, when tapping the speaker icon at the bottom left a pop-up asked me if I wanted to “generate audio”, I had to cancel, exit the lesson and re-open it from the course overview page, this allowed me to listen to the actual audio I had imported. This pop-up was only triggered when I went from lesson to lesson (finish lesson → next lesson), not selecting a lesson from the library. Consequently I saw this for lessons 2,3 and 4.

Thanks, we will investigate the issue.