Excellent video on LingQ in LingQ Plaza at Yutube, courtesy of Keith

Check out Keith’s video at


I think it is excellent. Thank you Keith.

I look forward to more like this in different languages. Anyone can submit videos to LingQ Plaza at youtube.



Can you tell us which software you use for screen capture and which you use for your discussion with Emma. Thanks.

Thanks Steve!

For recording Skype conversations, I use a Skype plug-in called ‘Call Recorder for Skype v2.3.8’ from Ecamm Network.

For recording the desktop, I used iShowU HD. It also is a Mac product.

For editing video, I am using iMovie '08 which is made by a little known company called Apple Inc. It is only a basic editor though.

Steve, if you upgrade to Snow Leopard (30$) you get with it Quicktime X. And you can screenrecord very easily.

Whatch this video to see how it works:

They also tell you there other options to screenrecord for the mac with third party software.

Thanks Keith and Berta, it looks like I have some homework to do this weekend!