Excellent podcasts in Russian for intermediate learners (incl. PDF files)

I just came across this site this morning and I think it is an amazing resource for learners of Russian. The podcasts are in Russian only, cover a wide range of different topics and even include PDF files. So far, I have just listened to the mp3 files and I find them extremely useful. The actual text is spoken at two different speeds and the host also explains key words and expressions in Russian.

Here is the link: http://russianpodcast.eu/index.html

I hope you’ll find this series of podcasts as useful as I do.

Great link for Russian learners! :wink:

BTW I think it would be great if there were a thread where resources such as this could be listed and linked-to for all languages.

This list already exists. You find a list of interesting content in the import section: Login - LingQ

Podcasts with transcripts and other ressources without permission to share it are included.

Thanks, lovelanguagesII ! These are really good. Her way of paraphrasing, in the middle, “explanatory” section of the podcasts (many of them, anyway), is really helpful. Some of these are already on LingQ: Login - LingQ , but not all of them, by any means.

A similar series of podcasts (two series, actually) is www.ruscomrus.com . They have the same tripartite form, with a slow reading, an explanation in the middle, and a “regular speed” reading… The series for beginners, which began fairly recently, does not seem all that much easier than the older series (to me, anyway). Like the “Russian Podcasts,” they are great for intermediate listeners. Texts are available from the website that include extra explanations and other added features, at a quite rewasonable cost.

I’ve been listening to the following series lately, which are very enjoyable… A bit harder than the above collections, but not impossibly so. There is text posted with them, although it often differs in detail. http://rus.ruvr.ru/radio_broadcast/2172317/ . The main site offers several broadcasts, besides. But I have not listened and cannot give an opinion about them.

Veral, your link brings me (as a Free member) simply to the statement that I cannot import lessons w/o sharing them. Is it the correct link?

Also, I don’t understand what you mean by this: “Podcasts with transcripts and other ressources without permission to share it are included.”

Thanks for the nice words and the useful information on similar sites.

I find these podcasts extremely useful. As some of you may know, I also like the kind of vocabulary books where you have thousands of sentences covering various areas and offering both the source language and the target language as mp3 files. I have quite a few of these books for Japanese and Mandarin and I find them extremely useful (all in all about 20,000 sentences in each of these two languages). If I dedicated enough time to them I’d probably be at a much higher level than I am right now. In any case I really enjoy working with these books.

I have not found anything comparable for Russian even though I have been looking for it for ages. In Germany and Austria the big publishing houses don’t seem to consider Russian a major market for their products yet and only offer standard textbooks, dictionaries etc.

I might actually try and find a native Russian speaker to produce something like that myself now, i. e. a book with a few thousand example sentences in German which will be translated into Russian. I would then make the recordings for the German sentences and the Russian native speaker for the Russian ones. I would like this to be a very comprehensive list of useful sentences and grammatical structures. I still need to see how I can fit this project into my already tight working schedule but I have already contacted a couple of Russian native speakers who might be interested. It is going to take some time but I think if we can’t find what we are looking for on the market, we just have to find ways to produce these things on our own.

P.S. I just love the way people help each other out on this and similar sites. It is great to see how people are willing to share their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.

@Ernie: For me the link works, but I’m a basic member. I guess you cannot access the import page when your limit of 5 lessons is exceeded.

Sorry for expressing not clearly in English. What I wanted to say is that you find different resources there. Some of them are newspaper articles or other resources without audio; others are podcasts with transcript. All of them have together that we could not share them.

@lovelanguagesII: Hallo Robert, suche mal bei Amazon nach “russisch audio wortschatz”. Da findest Du vielleicht etwas, was Du Dir vorstellst. Ich habe den Audio-Grund- und Aufbauwortschatz von Langenscheidt in Englisch und Französisch und finde den sehr gut. Leider gibt es den nicht für Russisch, aber vielleicht ist einer der anderen Kurse auch brauchbar.

Hi, Veral. (5-lesson limit) Yes, you are right. And I have recently learned, the limit is a “high-water mark.” Now even when I have no lessons I cannot access your link or others like it, as I had in the past more than 5 lessons. And thanks for the clarification about the contents of the page. Are the “Russian podcasts” lessons listed on it, as ones not to be shared? By the way, your English is excellent; someday maybe I’ll work hard enough to do even half as well in German–if so, I’ll be delighted.

Thank you, Ernie. I’m sure that you can improve your German. It’s a matter of time that you devot to it. Unfortunately language learning needs lot of efforts (but it is worth it).

The links to the ressources on the input leads usually to material that is copyrighted or under a non-commercial lizenze. You can use it for your own purposes but you should not share it.

As you have no access to the site I’ll give you the links here:
lib.com.ua: http://www.lib.com.ua/
Book World: http://bookworld.com.ua/
echo.msk.ru: http://www.echo.msk.ru/interview
NCLRC Webcasts: Free Modern Resume Templates | Cover Letters and Portfolios - Polished Resume
LearnRussianLanguage.net: http://learnrussianlanguage.net/map/
RussianPodcast.eu: http://russianpodcast.eu/
UN Multimedia: http://www.unmultimedia.org/radio/russian/
Euronews: http://ru.euronews.net/news/
NeHudLit.ru: http://nehudlit.ru/
Russian Poetry: The Weinberg College Media and Design Studio (former MMLC) at Northwestern University | New Name. Same Commitment. The Media and Design Studio is the new name for the Multimedia Learning Center (MMLC)
NHK World: http://www.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/russian/top/index.html
Rhinospike: RhinoSpike : Russian Recordings
russianlessons.net: Russian History - Российская история
Голос России: http://rus.ruvr.ru/
SBS (Special Broadcast Stories): http://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/russian/
Flibusta - Russian Books: http://flibusta.net/
Rusnovosti Radio Interviews: http://www.rusnovosti.ru/guests/interviews/
Movie Subtitles in Russian: Список переводов - русские субтитры
Animated Children’s Stories: bookboxinc - YouTube
Russian Audiobooks and More: http://audiopedia.su/
World News in Russian: http://www.inosmi.ru/
Deutschland: deutschland.de - Ваше окно в Германию

I cannot judge them because I don’t know any Russian. Good luck with your Russian!

Thanks very much, Veral! That’s very kind of you to copy all those links here. I’m sure there is some great information there. SBS looks quite interesting, for instance, and there’s no doubt there will be plenty more that I’ll enjoy.

German I hope to learn well, someday soon. There is so much written in German that I would like to read. Right now it has to wait until my Russian is better, however.

@lovelanguagesII Have you seen Проект Tatoeba: коллекция предложений и переводов for example sentences?