Excelent website of podcasts in Russian

I just found this website http://tasteofrussian.com/

They´ve got many free podkast in Russian language perfect for intermediate to advanced. I just imported them to lingq and its really good content.

Hope it helps


I love this website! Been using it since the beginning. =)

It’s an interesting website - but ne careful: too many slang words!
We don’t use so many slang words in our daily speech. We use them, but not so much.
It’s a bit artificial constructed phrases with a certain goal - to use as many slang words as possible.


I had a look at the website and it looks like a great resource. There are lots of excellent resources for learning material online, but I never use them. The problem is that every time I start to import the text for any of these, I wonder what the point is since there is already so much excellent material in the LingQ library, that I will basically never run out. I have based my reading and listening in Russian entirely on the LingQ library content, especially the stuff made by Evgueny, with the exception of some newspaper articles that I have imported.

By the time I start to get low on new texts in the LingQ library, I will be at a level where I can read more advanced stuff without much difficulty, at which point, I don’t plan to use learner material at all. Instead, I plan to just import books and newspaper/magazine articles and read them without the audio, and spend a lot of time listening to Russian podcasts and audiobooks without bothering to read the texts.

What I like about Taste of Russian is that they have a very professional level of audio recording, so it’s easy to hear them. They also speak slowly and evenly.

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