'Examples' function on LingQs opens collection, not text

I thought it was once the case that when you clicked on one of the ‘Examples’ of a LingQ given from your Lessons or the Library that it took you directly to that text.

Instead it now seems to be the case that you’re just taken to the collection which contains the text and you have to figure out which one of the (sometimes numerous) texts it is.

This is one the coolest things about the LingQ system, and one of the functions I brag most about when talking about the site.

Is anyone else having this problem?

I just checked it for Swedish and there it is the same, ie simply to the library.

Some time ago I figured out that problem but I forgot to mention it here.

I think it is a problem with the Link to the lesson. I checked some of my old lists with links to recommended German lessons and I got the same result.

For example the old link was: GEOaudio - LingQ Language Library
Now the link has to be: Login - LingQ

Actually, it looks like the link for examples from your lessons is working fine. It’s the link to lessons in the Library that takes you to the collection view. Due to the changes in the Library made a few months ago all lessons in a collection are not on the same page so highlighting the specific lesson you are looking for is no longer working. We will have to think about what can be done here. Thanks for letting us know.

Mark, If you create the link in the way of my second example, it will work.

Thanks, Vera. We’ll get that change made as soon as possible.