Everything coming up English!

When I open ‘Forum’ and import using the bookmarklet, the new page opens up in English, even when I am working from my German lessons or profile pages. Help! I want to import into German. I have not had this problem before today.

It is happening on the writing page as well.

If the text you highlight contains any English it usually defaults to English, but since it uses Google’s detection software there unfortunately isn’t much that we can do about it. What text are you trying to import?

Apostelgeschichte 1 from Bible Gateway. Is the name of the site the problem? There are no English words in the text.

I don’t know why this Forum page came up in English but I was able to access the page in German from my welcome page.

There is still a problem. My profile page came up in English from my German welcome page. If I click on the German tab in the English profile page, the page simply re-opens in the German welcome page

I tried the profile page again. This time it opened in German! Hopefully the problem was temporary.

I see that this chapter isn’t working. It may have something to do with the text that is contained, but we will take a look at it and see what the problem might be.

The language header on the profile page is based on the most recent language, so it can sometimes cause confusion when you are using multiple tabs/windows. The best way to resolve this is to use the language switch at the top of one page to change the language, then close other tabs using different languages.

Viele Dank, Alex. Ich habe den Text auf Deutsch geöffnet. Ich muss das Kapitel-Kopfstück.