Everyone wants to be added, right?

everybody wants someone to talk to and to practice the language you are learning.

What about each one of you guys write your invitation to someone who is reading this to add you on their lingQ? Please write your native language and the languages you are interested in.

I’m learning ENGLISH.

I can help you to learn Portuguese, and you, English. Whataboutit?


This is a nice idea :smiley:

I’m a native English speaker, willing to chat with anyone learning English.
I’m learning Japanese

My Skype is: shoujo-heart, feel free to add me :slight_smile:

Hello :slight_smile:
I’m a native Arabic speaker and i have been learning English and abit German but i don’t think it would work if i tried to join a conversation in English or german lol because i have never done it ! & here is my skype : jeremiah.Refaat it’s ok to add me !! XD

Hello I’m a native English speaker and I love Japanese. Anyone who wants help with English can come to me. がんばって下さいね

Hello, I’m a native English speaker learning Spanish and Italian. If anybody wants help/advice, or corrections, just visit my page.

I am Brasilian. I speak Brazilian Portuguese as mother language, English, German and a bit of Spanish. I am practicing German at the moment.

In answer to the title question, No!

i’m a native filipina and an english speaker as well, and i can teach both if anybody needs a lift.
i’m interested to learn the Russian language and i’m hoping to be taught by a russian who can also speak english fluently…

I‘m a college student comes from China. I have been learning English for 2 years. Hope to find a partner to practise my english.