Everybody says one day I'll begin,I say today is that day

I’ve added a lot of lessons.Please only listen it for my languages sound and rhythm.I’m looking forward to finding out more people here on Turkish LingQ.I do all this to represent my native language.I don’t want to disturb someone by my thread but think about that this language may appear in somewhere coincidentally.Maybe you want to know some words in Turkish.I know you are learning three different languages and you haven’t enough time to begin to a new language.It’s difficult,I know.I respect what you’re doing in right now. Because I’m also a psychologist.Why not!You may try it for its sound.You may try this lesson(İlk seviye/Ben varım,sen varsın)

Does anyone read this message :slight_smile:

Turkish is one of those languages that I’ve long thought about trying to learn - but right now my motivation is at quite a low ebb.

Maybe I’ll try to force myself to get back to LingQ’s bootcamp as a new year’s resolution for 2012…?

(I do like the idea of Turkish because I’ve heard that the grammar is very logical and consistent.)

That’s what I was saying.Your words are very logical too:)Thank you

I’m the one learning 3 languages right now!

Though I’d love to learn Turkish, I will learn Hebrew and Polish first (After Dutch, French and Yiddish).

I hope that somebody takes up the Turkish challenge!

hi lmy…
Well,I recommended you to begin Turkish ,but as far as I can see there are a lot of languages in your schedule.Maybe, one day /one word
is possible:)

Stop trying to tempt me Ozne! :smiley:

Hi ozne!
I will start learn Turkish the next week :slight_smile: I am Bashkir, but I don’t speak my language. I hope Turkish will help me to learn Bashkir.

It will certainly help you, them being in the same language family. I think Turkish would help you more with Turkmen, Azerbaijani and others but it will still be very useful. A bit like learning Spanish then learning French - much easier.

I made a new account recently for some reason (old one felt too cluttered) and was actually really excited when I got the email saying Turkish is now on LingQ. I am happy to see any new lessons added.

Hi Xena,
I’m happy that your new beginning.As far as I know there is a lot of similarity between our language.I’m looking forward to getting your messages about your Turkish language journey.

Hi lmy,
Your last post…I like it.Anyway I won’t stop :slight_smile:

Hi Bard ,
Today, I’ll try to add some new lessons.