Every one come here ^ ^

Hello every one …I’m new here and it’s nice getting awesome
site like this …i hope to improve my english because it sounds a little worse
i mean my 'vocabulary ’ so i hope to hear from anyone here how can i improve my vocabulary fast
as you know most of people speak english fluntly and i hope to be one of them
^ ^
thank you in advance.

welcome to Lingq! Read, listen, speak, write and enjoy your time at LingQ. Maybe we have have a Skype conversation if you wish.

thank you " roniamk" …that’s what i’m trying to do now …but i have just one prob when i speak or even when i
write sometimes i do not have many words to express what i wanna say so i keep saying" umm…umm
its so empressed …heh

Patience nooa. Keep reading and listening and when you get a chance to speak, just relax. If you a lot of words, you will eventually manage to use them. If you are nervous, you will have more trouble using what you know.

can anyone answer my question about spanish verbs