Events schedule is unbalanced

I was trying to schedule a speaking event, but there are not any scheduled events or even available tutors for the times I use to study. I believe that you have students from all around the world, so I think it would be a good idea to have a more balanced offer. Could you check this, please?
P.S.: I was trying to schedule events around 9 PM, GMT-2.

hi Ana-Paula,

It is a little difficult to anticipate which hours are in demand where. It is not just time zones, but different schedules that come into play.

Some discussions are full right away and others, even at the same time, seem less popular so our tutors try to guess what is the best time for the greatest number of people.

Letting us know here which time slots you want is great. I will set up some discussion for that time and look forward to talking to you. Perhaps other tutors who follow this thread will also do the same.

It is a little bit of chicken and egg in terms of setting up enough discussions for everyone in every part of the world, all of whom have different schedules. One day when we have enough learners we can have discussions around the clock, every day.

Your feedback here is very much appreciated.