Eurovision 2012 Lithuania

Please watch this video and comment, thanks. Eurovision 2012 - Vytautas - Take It Back (feat. Evelina & Bass Arco) [HD] - YouTube

I find it’s a horrible song.

By the way, why would Lithuania sing in English? I used to like Eurovision, when every country sang in their native language, now 95% of the countries sing in English, so we should rename the contest Englishvision.

It’s a rap, so I would not call this a song. Horrible in my ears.

I’m with Berta.

Eurovision has always been kind of hokey, but the last few years it’s been mostly in English, which just seems counter to what the song contest was supposed to be about.


According to Wikipedia, the language restriction was lifted in 1973 (the year I was born), reinstalled 1977, and then removed again in 1999.

I have no idea “what the song contest was supposed to be about”. World peace? Maybe everyone should sing in Esperanto…

As a native English speaker, I really can’t stand almost every singer who is singing English as a second language. It’s just about accent. Even though It’s something I don’t mind and sometimes enjoy in speaking.

One day I’m going to study Lithuanian and I hope that there is at least some music in that language…

@Jeff: I think the goal of Eurovision Song Contest should be to show people different kinds of music from different countries and culture. For this reason, it would be much more enriching if every singer sang in their own language.

@Yirtse: Lithuanians, like Latvians, are often referred to as a “people with music in its soul”. Music has always played an important role there, and I’m also eager to learn these languages in the coming years. A typical Lithuanian music genre is “Pagan rock”.

Michele, as a child I heard a lot of Lithuanian. It’s another language of my family. I can’t wait to learn it. Latvian would be nice too but for the moment I’ve only got my heart set to learn Lithuanian. Both great language though.

@@@Imyirtseshem I appreciated your ideas, but every country has own accent -).
For example, I can understand in English almost perfectly, but I can’t express my ideas in English language like native English speaker, because my native language is Lithuanian and it forever will be, even though I can understand English language very well, but I can’t understand British accents, they kill me every day with them horrible accent =)

The accents which you like to listen too are definitely a matter of personal taste. There are some singers with foreign accents which I find more pleasing than others, and some singers with foreign accents that I find downright comical.

I find this song pretty bad. You should listen this Lithuania’s eurovision song Beissoul - Why (Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Lithuania) - YouTube

Its really good.

Our participant was chosen last Sunday (see this link - YouTube). We’re sending an Indian this year :wink: Her nickname already is Indiana Joan…
What do you think about it? Will we finally make it through to the finals? Last year we ended last place…

Our song is in English as well and although I prefer it to be in Dutch, we’re just not used to sing in Dutch. Even if a Dutch song wins the national preliminaries, we translate it afterwards…

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