European updating time

Last night in Italy the official national time has been changed (one hour plus).
That affects numerous european countries, even if I don’t know how many.
A couple of days ago I booked a conversation at 6.30 p.m. and now the system still show 6.30 p.m. for it.
Does the system work through the different time zones and “local” annual official change or could be possible some mistake about speaking sessions set before this last change?

I think system work fine with the daylight saving time, because when I signed up for a course, where 2 conversations were at “winter” time and two at “summer”, “winter” conversations were booked at 6:30 am, but “summer” ones at 5:30 am. So I had to fix the time of this two conversations manually

The system is supposed to automatically adjust for time zone adjustments but we rely on an external program for this. It is quite possible that this program is not accurate for all time zones and time zone adjustments as dates on which time zones adjust do change from year to year. We are unable to manually adjust the time zone program so, in the meantime, if you are worried that the time shown is not correct, try visiting The World Clock — Worldwide to use their time zone converter. You can change the time zone in your account to match your tutor’s time zone to see the original time to convert from. If you’re not sure, you can ask your tutor what time zone they are in by posting on their wall. Maybe the time zone information is something we should add to the Profile page! :slight_smile: