European Portuguese content

Hello. If you are learning portuguese, you can give a look to these contents I shared in the Portuguese Forum (they were not imported to LingQ due to copyright issues).

TED Talks Portugal

DAVID SOARES, Portuguese writer, Out Loud Readings of Novels

We’ve actually been given permission to load TED Talks into the Library, so go ahead and share them if you like :slight_smile:

WOW! Cool ! I will try to do a transcript of Nuno Markl’s TED, maybe dividing it into parts, and upload to the library :slight_smile:

The 1st part of Nuno Markl’s TED Talk is already transcripted, with audio and video on LingQ! I will try to finish this job soon, so that all of you advanced learners can enjoy this wonderful talk.

Looking forward to it! The more European Portuguese in the library the better.