Euro Francophones' difficulty with Quebec French

Why do French speakers from European countries claim to have such difficulty with Quebecois French… with some suggesting it is substandard? I am learner of French and I can understand both standard Euro and Quebec French equally well.

Is it possible the people are mistakenly comparing different registers, for example, standard Euro French with non-standard Quebecois French ( “jouale”). Or is it chauvanism?

It’s not that uncommon to hear people here in Sweden say that they can’t understand the Skåne accent (which is in the very south), that it should be subtitled in television. Skåne once belonged to Denmark, so you can even hear people suggest that the region should become Danish again, since “they almost speak Danish”…

On a general account, I think people focus too much on details. Dialects/accents can be understood if people want to understand.

There’ll always be an element of chauvinism, I believe. For example, I have to tune in to understand the Swiss or deepest Bavarian German, they in turn don’t understand us north Germans when we speak in our local language and thus there is this them and us. As to the French/Canadian French, I understand both, although the Quebec French has some unusual vocabulary where I’m stumped when I watch it on the telly.