"etiquette" " labels" vocabulary

I am on my vocabulary sheet and I would like to sort some words under one label, for example “Verbs”, Can I select several lines of vocabulary and add in one clic a label for all the lines I selected ? If yes, please explain to me the tip, because I do not succeed alone.

And one more question to Zoran or Mark, would it be possible in the next update to add the possibility to sort vocabulary by importance and to be able to have in SRS only the most important words ? I ask, because I have 2200 words to review everyday…so of course it is impossible, and discouraging, but If I could select only the most important ( 4, 3 and 2 circles) I would have only 200/300 words which is more doable for a first step.

You can’t add the same tag at once to mutiple LingQs. You can do that only when importing list of LingQs through CSV file. In that case you can add same tag in tags column and it will be added to all words once when they are imported.
If LingQs are already on your Vocabulary list, you will need to add tags for each LingQ separately.

It is already possible to sort words by Importance. You can find sort by option under filters. If you sort by importance, most important words will appear at the top and you can select and review them.

Ok so … It will be long… And I tried by importing but I don’t manage. I respect the column, but when I am at the point to import Lingq say that something is wrong… :-/ Where can I see a model of excel sheet, to check where I am wrong ?
And about importance, Yes I know we can sort by importance, but we can not choose only the words with Three circle or only words with 2… right ?