Estonian - where can I find content?

I would be thrilled to learn Estonian, but I simply cannot find trustworthy content anywhere. LingQ was my last bit of hope, because of the other minor languages you can learn here. (for instance Lithuanian)

Please help me. Anything would do (Grammar tutorials, vocabs, podcasts, short stories, phonology guides, anything to help me start from the basics)


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Although it is a supported interface language, meaning that system settings can be in Lithuanian, for example, one cannot learn it here on LingQ.
Nevertheless, I have heard really good things about Teach Yourself Estonian. Colloquial Estonian seems to have quite mixed reviews. For authentic content, perhaps you could try SBS’s Estonian podcasts: Good luck!

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Edit: I just realised you specified “help me start from the basics” the first link/source might not fit this criteria, I’ll leave it in nevertheless.

Whether or not one can watch TV online sometimes depends on broadcasting rights. So I am not sure if this is going to work for you but I did found Estonian Tv live.

From the main page you just hover over TV and choose Oste, this seems to be some sort of live stream. The link below is to a list of programs that they have.

Readlang has Estonian (first language in the more language list), the premise of the website is sort of the same as lingq. I have not used it myself though.

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Thank you both, I really appreciate your help! :slight_smile: