Essential features removed in upgrade?

Hi, I’ve encountered a few problems (tried on Chrome, Firefox and Safari)

  1. The “Next lesson in Course” button is missing. This is a big slowdown for all courses, but especially ‘daily news’ type where navigation to the next day is now a frustrating search through big lists, which to this day are not accurately chronologically sorted.

  2. Not possible to differentiate between blank unknown words, and known words any longer?

  3. Why do we now have to navigate separately from the front page to the ‘recents’ list? The old 2-column front page display worked well.

Are there any workarounds for these problems?



  1. Not possible to differentiate between blank unknown words, and known words any longer?

This is huge because I like seeing which words were once Lingqed and are now known.

I wouldn’t mind having a full page screen to read off from so that i don’t have to scroll all the time.

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Thoroughly same problems has occured for me. Furthermore, LingQ for iPhone has declined log-in with a message of “invarid username/password” after today’s upgrade. I just upgrade my account last week so I am really disappointing with this situation.
I hope a prompt resolution…

“2) Not possible to differentiate between blank unknown words, and known words any longer?
This is huge because I like seeing which words were once Lingqed and are now known.”

I agree! It was very useful see previously unknown words.

I cannot get flashcards, cloze cards, dictation and multilpe choice to work as they are not showing words in Polish, only the speaker icon shows up on the flashcard and all tehe vocab exercises…is this part of upgrade situation? And if so please advise when fix is expected. Thx Bob

*Sorry, all. The next lesson in course will be brought back in a more obvious place. Right now it is only visible in the info pane after you have completed a lesson and clicked the “Move all words to known” button.
*Not sure why status 4 words are showing up with no underline, that is not supposed to happen. We have now added a tickbox to the status bar for “known”. If this tick box is selected the word will no longer be underlined but otherwise should stay underlined. We will get this fixed.
*You can always find your recent lessons by going to My Lessons in the Learn submenu dropdown or your last 3 lessons are always shown in the Tasks dropdown. On the Learn page now, you see the Courses for your recent lessons. You have to open the course to see the lessons. We are planning on improving the lessons display to make it easier to find your recent lessons. To find recommended courses, click the “+ New Course” button and refine your search using the levels and tags.
*Flashcards, cloze etc seem to be fine for me. Please try ctrl+refreshing a few times to clear your cache. This often helps. If you are still having problems with your flashcards, please send a screenshot to support showing the issues.
*We are looking into the issue with the iOS app. We will get it working as soon as possible.


Thanks, good to hear these fixes are in the works.

Dear administrators,

Thanks a lot for the effort to improve.
However, I am still facing some problem.

  1. I use the latest Explorer9 on Windows Vista, but the page layout almost broken.
    first of all, Vista is already not available ?
  2. I tried Firefox also, but a banner overlaps on the text so it is quite hard to see.
    Besides, the switch of listening does not work properly.
    iOS app is already coming back from the log-in issue. Thanks!
    Could you please check regarding the problems above or indicate me any solution ?

kind regards,

@nay3to - 1) Yes, there are some issues with IE9. You will have to use either Firefox or Chrome on Vista.
2) That sounds strange that you are seeing a strange banner. Can you try ctrl+f5 to clear your cache? If you still have this problem, please send us a screenshot. If you have Chrome, please give it a try as well.
The audio player should be working for lessons but we are still working on the text to speech feature on the flashcards and dashboard. Yes, the app should be working fine again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Dear mark,

Thank you so much for the feedback.
Then, I found the problem can be seen on some particular contents, for instance, in the course “Anne of Green Gables” that I have been learning recently. (Other contents are working properly.)
Though I tried ctrl+f5, banner and audio issue was not improved.
How can I send a screen-shot? It seems we are not able to attach that in this post.

Anyhow I can proceed my learning with both of Firefox and iOS app for now.
I appreciate your upgrade activity and excellent support.


I don’t see any option to reduce the spacing between chinese characters anymore. Actually, we’d been talking about getting the spacing removed, so that there is no indication of where the word breaks are, like a real Chinese or Japanese text. Now it looks like there is only the default (very wide) spacing.

Am I the only one having this problem? Is the button for reducing the spacing somewhere else now?

@nayto - I know what the issue is now. Thanks for the lesson name. We are aware of this issue which only affects a few lessons and we will fix it soon.

@Wulfgar - The Show/Hide spacing option is now in the dropdown that opens when you click on the gear at the top of the page.

@mark - thanks!