Essay Correction

''Hello everyone, I am going to write a short essay.Feel free to correct my mistakes, please :slight_smile: ‘’

                                         English Language

  I do have many goals that I want to attain like anyone in the world has.I am not sure whether I will achieve or not.

  My first goal is being able speak English properly.Actually,It's not a kind of goal that you can reach.It is kind of process which maintains throughout lifetime.Since I am not native English speaker,even I know thousands of phrases,words,I have to practise it as much as I can to keep it active.

Being able to speak English properly opens a lot of doors for non-native English speakers.I want to speak it properly neither for job interviews nor for communicating with English people.I want to speak it properly just to explore new cultures.Since many people in the world are able to at least express themselves in this language,I belive It is worth.On the other hand,when I want to do a research about anything in my native tongue,I sometimes struggle.Let’s say I am searching something about Native American People who used to live on the Americas.I am likely to find 500 sentences on,i.e. one of the most popular sites,If I want to read in my native tongue which is Turkish.Yet,If I had searched in the English language,I could find maybe 5000 sentences or much more.That is because English is used by all nations,They tend to share the information in the most widely spoken language rather than the language that has less speakers.

   To sum up,every powerful nation's native tongue was used by people around the world such as French which was the most common language in the world before English.To me,Mandarin is going to be the most common language in the foreseeable future.People should speak world's most widely spoken langauge so as to understand each other better and in order to improve themselves.

“People should speak world’s most widely spoken langauge so as to understand each other better and in order to improve themselves.”

Studying the English language is extremely useful, but you should always consider the existence of opportunity cost. You might lose something and risk your identity if you were to put too much emphasis on speaking “properly” the languages of “powerful nations”. Study a foreign language at your own risk.

“A benefit, profit, or value of something that must be given up to acquire or achieve something else. Since every resource (land, money, time, etc.) can be put to alternative uses, every action, choice, or decision has an associated opportunity cost”.