Español Segunda Lengua para Todos, El Desayuno

Just a note on the audio from the lesson, “Español Segunda Lengua para Todos, El Desayuno”

Sounds like the podcast should just be 1:25 through 2:50. The rest is additional audio. It’s about 11 min long.

Is this the proper place to put this info? I’m not sure who wants to know this.



I am sorry I did not respond to an earlier comment you made about another content item in our Library. We have a variety of sources of content in all languages. It is difficult to police all content items.

The question is what to do about inconsistencies. If there are glaring problems of transcription, we will go in and fix them, that is if we can find someone to do so.

Beyond that, at this point, all we can do is remove the content. I think that it is better to leave this content there. Espanol Segunda Lengua tends to surround the podcast or transcribed part with additional audio. I think this has some value.

We hope, in the future, to set up editorial committees for each language. We need to have a better access system in order to allow these editors to go in and edit our Library. We do not have that now.

So please make a note of inconsistencies. We will get to them later. If something needs to be pulled, let us know. If it is a matter of correcting some glaring transcription problems, please let us know and we will try to fix them.