Erste Sätze - First sentences

With this title I brought the first three items in the German part.
The speciality is, that these simply sentences are in German and in Englisch (corrected by a nativ speaker) but spoken only in German (because it is in the German area for German learners).

The picture for this Collection is a Red Cross (how you can see for First Aid)

I would like know if you like this kind of learning and if that is helpful for you. Then I will bring the next.

Please let me know!

I like these Irene, and they are another way to help the beginner, and perhaps less confident learner. Thanks. The learner will either have to not update these or accept that he is getting credit for a bunch of English words in his or her known words count.

I’ve had a look at these for the past week, find it pretty good, and have saved a lot of phrases.

Luckily the texts are quite short so the “extra” English words one gets credit for won’t change the status of known words too much. I have read other items with a lot of names of kings, politicians, towns, countries et.c. which have also affected my known words count (especially if everything is spelled the same way in English).

As long as I know that I get exposure to the language outside LingQ (radio, books et.c.) I can safely go on. Some extra 20 words here or there doesn’t matter.

Hi Steve, I tried to create similar content for English and Dutch, but Mark told me it was not a good idea. Am I misunderstanding the rules to content posting?

I am away from Vancouver for four days and will have limited access.

We do not offer Dutch right now. You can record Dutch and offer content on your blog and some of our members can download this and import into LingQ using some language category that they are not going use. However, we would rather not have Dutch or other language content in the English library.

We are also not encouraging bi-lingual texts until we redo the Library to allow bilingual texts in such a way that the words in the language not being studied are not included in our statistics. We have left Irene’s bilingual content as an exception and will look forward for more such content when we are ready to deal with it.

So Nicole, I appreciate your enthusiasm, and we really want your involvement in teaching Dutch. We just ask you to wait a few months. Many thanks.