Error in purchasing my second lifetime language

@zoran I’ve tried to buy Lifetime German on my account (I’ve already bought lifetime Japanese and had this same problem before) and I’ve now tried twice with Mastercard Debit and once with Paypal and my payments just keep failing and coming up with error messages. Any idea what could be going wrong?

@zoran Not sure why but it says payment has gone through now and it looks fine. I don’t think there is a problem anymore!

Ummm… you can buy a lifetime subscription to a specific language? Where is that, and how much does it cost?

/edit I googled and found it right away, but it’s the first time I’ve seen this. I’m very surprised this is neither on their homepage nor the pricing page.

Key point it also cuts the tutor prices in half too. I haven’t tested it out though

@Anakin_Males Great, glad to hear it worked.

I can see it being very affordable if you know which language you’re going to study and that you’re not going to be trying the other ones. But if you’re studying multiple languages at once or experimenting, then the upfront cost is pretty risky.