Error in Lingq Sharing

I had done this lesson and wanted to share it but couldn’t. When I tried to share the lesson I got an error

“In order to share an imported lesson you must first add the original source url so others can find the original content.”

In order to share a private lesson on your wall, via email, etc., you’ll need to put the a link to where you originally found the text/lesson on the internet.

It isn’t a private lesson. It is in lingq library. In EnglishLingq course.

Also there is another error.
I had done the 4th lesson of Englishlingq Login - LingQ the last time I had logged in lingq and added the 5th lesson to “my lessons” to do it the next time. When today I logged in and tried to open it through “My Lessons” I got an error that I don’t have access to the lesson. I opened the 4th lesson and opened the 5th lesson through the link at the bottom of the page “Open next lesson in the course”. Why?

Ah, some of these lessons were actually removed from the Library and set as Private but are still showing up here. We’ll get this fixed so that private lessons don’t show up in courses with shared lessons.