Error in Farsi Mini Stories Spoken Lesson 32

I’ve found some issues with the Farsi Mini Story 32 (spoken version) in the transcript/text version:

First, starting at “part 2” (بخش دوم) for the questions (question 6), suddenly, most of the punctuation is missing and there are no line breaks anymore.

Second, the text stops after the first sentence of question 9. The actual question and answer for question 9 as well as the entire question 10 are missing, even though they are included in the audio.

Third, I noticed that the transcript suddenly switches from including a space between می and the present stem + conjugation to spelling it in one word for all verbs. I.e., میکنه instead of می کنه or میگیره instead of می گیره. While to my understanding, that is an acceptable spelling for informal Persian, it seems odd to me that it is not consistent with the previous part of the lesson or the rest of the course.

Would it be possible to fix these issues or at least pass this on as feedback to the team responsible for the content? Thanks!

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Thanks, we will have it fixed.