Error: Changing text in lesson!

I noticed a while ago that if I click about while reading a text, I sometimes manage to move words around in the text. This happened at random, and until last night, I had no idea how to reproduce this error. The way I do it is as follows

Consider the following text

“An diesem Wochenende gründet Katsanevas eine neue politische Partei.”

  1. Select a few words - let us say “gründet Katsanevas eine” - to LingQ a phrase, but do not LingQ the phrase.

  2. With these three words selected, try selection a new set of words to be LingQed, starting from before the words, and ending after them. For example, try selection “Wochenende gründet Katsanevas eine neue”, starting from “Wochenende” and ending on “neue”.

  3. Wham! Instead of the blue highlighting changing from selecting “gründet Katsanevas eine” to “Wochenende gründet Katsanevas eine neue”, the order of the words is changed. Now I get

“An diesem gründet Katsanevas eine neueWochenende politische Partei.”

As usual, refreshing the screen puts things back in order. I have reproduced this problem on two different browsers on different computers.

@ColinPhilipJohnstone - Thanks for the heads up on this. We are aware of this issue, which prevents you from extending a highlighted phrase to the left. It is on our list, but doesn’t affect many users so it may take some time to get around to this one. In the meantime try using the “x” next to the highlighted phrase if you make a mistake selecting a series of words and want to make an adjustment.