Enter button shortcut turns page instead of selecting Lingq

I’m using the web version, Norwegian language on an imported ebook.

I use the keyboard shortcuts, and while hitting Enter should select the suggested Lingq definition for a blue word, it is instead turning the page, even when I have several blue words left on the current page. This should only happen when I hit Shift+Right Arrow, right?

This is a bit frustrating because I then have to manually go back to the previous page, where all my unknown words are now white because the page turned.

Any ideas?

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ENTER shortcut works fine on my end. Which browser are you using?

It also happens to me from time to time. Firefox 81.0.1 on Windows 10 here.

Firefox 81.0 on Windows 10

I should also say that this doesn’t happen every time I read, but often enough that I hesitate to use the keyboard shortcut when creating a Lingq

Same here. The other day it even happened when I was pressing “k” to mark a word as known.

Thanks, could be related to Firefox only in that case since you are all on the same browser. I’ll look into it and we’ll have it fixed.