Enough is enough

I woke up early and checked our Forum and found out that the great pkod kafuffle was still going on. I have had it. Enough is enough. I just deleted all related threads. I am now going back to bed.

Here is why.

  1. This discussion had become a distraction.
  2. pkod can unshare his content. He has been told how. If he does not do so, we will do so, later today.
  3. He has no rights over any content submitted to LingQ. It is either free of copyright, or should be, or else if original, it is available for free unrestricted use by anyone who comes to LingQ. He can unshare it anytime he wants.
  4. pkod has engaged in unwarranted threats against LingQ and gratuitous insults of our members. We do not need that kind of discussion on our Forums.
  5. It is not in my power right now to delete his account, but we will be discussing that later.

We are not going to institute 24/7 moderation of our forums. I am against it. We are all over 15 years old here, and are responsible for what we say, and how we react to what others say. This is the first time that I can remember that we have had an unpleasant thread like this, and we have been going for a few years.

People are free to wander off topic here, to talk about politics, religion, and even to disagree. If I see vulgarity in a thread I will delete the thread. If I see deliberate personal insults I will delete the thread. I might point out that saying that someone else is speaking “nonsense” is not sufficient grounds for closing a thread. However, the turn the discussion took last night, was, in my mind, sufficient grounds and so I closed the thread.

Thank you! I think you did the right thing. Hopefully it won’t be necessary again.

“If I see vulgarity in a thread I will delete the thread. If I see deliberate personal insults I will delete the thread.”

That is an excellent policy, well done.

Well done, thank you!

Thank you!

“We are all over 15 years old.” Are we? Or do you mean the people participating in that particular thread.

“If I see vulgarity in a thread I will delete the thread.” Ohh…that sounds like a challenge? How vulgar do I have to be :wink:

Seriously though, good show.

Thank you…!

Wasn’t this originally a disagreement about fairy tales? At any rate, I can no longer find the Russian fairy tales in the library.

The Russian radio station gorodfm has on its website much the same content:


Text + mp3 for well over 100 Russian and International fairy tales. Radio Nanny!

There were a number of lessons, including there, for which we could not confirm that we had permission to share them. You will have to import them for your own use now, unless we can get confirmation that we can share them on our site.

“a disagreement about fairy tales”

I know it was not your intention, but what a nice way of summing it all up :slight_smile:

No. It was more about people making ill-considered comments, like you just did dooo.
It’s my last comment on that matter.

I invite people who want to talk complete bonkers to the ongoing thread “Science Saved My Soul”.

Here’s another “Thank you”!!!

Sooner, now or never.

Ooh…I’m going to have to check out Gorod FM.

Yes, enough is enough. Unfortunately Rasana is gone …
It is too bad if ONE annoying person is able that one of the “veteran’s” and loyal LingQ members is leaving LingQ.

I am sad that Rasana left us. I hope she will come back.

I think that that person was the last straw in her ongoing frustrations and feelings of not feeling appreciated, which is really a shame. This is something I’ve seen in many tutors and content providers here, something I really believe needs to be addressed.

Perhaps being able to give the tutors a few extra points will help.

LingQ is a community built on trust, good will, and the pleasure of helping each other and seeing each other do well in language learning.

The community is growing, but not fast enough to ensure that all of our tutors are busy and that all content providers are well compensated for their efforts. The only solution is to continuing spreading the word and improving the site, and that is what we are doing.