Enhancing Language Diversity and Accessibility

Hey everyone, I’m new here, but I’m thrilled to be part of this forum and eager to dive into discussions about language diversity and learning. As someone from Jamaica, I’ve firsthand experience with the cultural significance and widespread usage of Jamaican Patois. I’ve been considering its potential inclusion in language learning platforms, specifically here on LingQ.

Jamaican Patois isn’t just a dialect; it’s a recognized language with a rich history and vibrant cultural ties. Given its prevalence within the global Jamaican community, I’m curious about LingQ’s plans regarding language expansion in the near future. Are there ongoing discussions or considerations about incorporating languages like Jamaican Patois onto the platform within the next few years?


Hi @Shawayne Welcome to LingQ!

There are other users here that you could better discuss Jamaican Patois and Jamaican Culture with, but I thought to offer you some general direction about the new language process and how you could speed it up.

General Guidelines for New Language
LingQ requires a few things to implement a new language.

  • A set of mini stories. These are made to a standard with high quality Native Audio and themes. (You can view examples in every language)
  • A grammar guide. These are not available for every language but I believe are now a requirement.

That being said, if you want to get involved - best to e-mail support or sign up to be a LingQ Librarian.