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Hello Mr.Shadowzerg,
my question is related to grammar, in the common sentence," It’s me." Why don’t we say ," it’s I? BARING IN MIND THAT THE SENTENCE HAS BE VERB" IS" ,AND SO IT MUST END WITH A PREDICATE NOUN OR A PREDICATE ADJECTIVE. Of course you know very well that “me” is neither one of them.

There are 3 elements to that sentence, the subject, verb and object.

It - subject
is - verb
me - object

“I” is only used for the subject (e.g I am walking, I cycled).
“Me” is used for the object/ indirect object of the sentence (He gave the book to me, She likes me)

You won’t say “He gave the book to I”, “She likes I”, “Me am walking” or “Me cycled”.

Does that make sense?