English Spanish Recording Exchange

Hello everyone,

I have already posted this on the content forum but perhaps not that many people noticed.

I have a few texts that I would very much like to have recorded in Spanish, but can’t find anyone to record them and therefore miss out on a very important part of my learning.

If you have the same problem, why don’t I record the texts you want, and you record my texts for me? I’m am from England so that’s the accent you’ll get. I don’t care where you’re from, but a native Spanish speaker would be best so I can hear an authentic accent.

Many thanks in advance. Hope to hear from you soon!

P.S. If there’s anyone who lives in Sevilla and would like to do an exchange here please let me know!


If you are interested in Mexican accent (which is pretty clear) we could try this exchange. I am also interested in English recordings of some texts.

Please let me know.


I would hope that we could use copyright free material so that everyone can share in it. Wikipedia has given us permission to use their content. Anything created by our members is of course free and can be shared.

That would be fantastic Alejandro, thanks very much.

My email address is roni@glasers.org

Send me whatever you want recorded, I’ll record it and send it back with what I’d like recorded.

I don’t mind what accent you have or how clear it is, as long as it’s natural, so a Mexican accent would be fine.

Let me know if you have any requirements, i.e. speed - slower/natural speed etc.

Thanks very much!

Steve, good work on the Wikipedia thing that’ll be a great source of content.