English native speakers, participate in my research work, please

Nice time to everyone!

I am a Russian second year student of the English Department, and I’m currently working on some research work in my university.

I am in a great necessity of help of the native speakers. It will take you about 15 minutes, and my request is the following: you are to write a short story (about 200-250 words), like you write on your blogs on several topics. Topics are: Choosing a Career, Sport and Games, Health (consulting doctors and so on, ailments), Traveling and Leisure Time (cinema, theater and so on). You choose one of them (but you can write on two or even all the topics if you want) and write some kind of update in a blog, some everyday stuff referring to the one of the topics. Feel free to use informal speech, slang and so on. I am to collect about 50 texts and I am not able to do this without help of the native speakers, because I am to analyze real texts of you.

If you’re ready to help me, please, send me a mail here: kocchiechan@gmail.com
Please, don’t forget to mention your name (or the nickname), age, sex and occupation (I need this data only for statistic) and I promise I will definitely not share any of this information with anyone else.

Thank you.

If you need texts, how about you type into google “[topic] [short story/blog]”. So for example:
Theater short story
career blog
sports blog
travel blog
cinema short story

If they’re too long, you can always edit them of course.

Hm, I should think that over. Thanks for the advice.
But I’d like to collect definite texts… So, I still hope people will help me )

Hi kocchie, I’m not a native speaker, but I feel that you should explain better what you’ll do with these texts. Why do you want them? What’s the purpose behind this? Why should people spend time writing such a text for you? You promised not to share the personell information. But do you share the texts?

It’s just a research work in my university. I am to analyse them and make some statistics based on usage of the words refering to a particular topic. I’ll include only statistics in my work, no particular names or ages, or texts.
I am not insist on taking part in this, I apply to people’s kindness. Just a request of help, to become a part of my language research work

I suspect you will not get any response because this is an unreasonable request, an imposition on people for no real purpose. I suggest you visit blogs on the internet and you will find all the native speaker content you need, as James suggested.