English lessons stopped at the library?

Hi my dear friends.
I would like to know what is happening with English Lessons, 'cause some months ago I could find a lot of new content at the library and now it’s very difficult.
I love lingq podcast’s shared by Steve,Mark,Alex …but I can’t remember the last time that they sent something new, I think that the new way to search lessons at the library is more difficult to use, When I choose “new lessons” Research shows lessons shared in 2007 ¬ ¬ ’ .

The lessons stopped to be shared or probably I’m not doing my search very well?

@the brazilian

do you mean this?

go to page 12



I have shared some new english lessons at the library

Here are the links:

@thebrazilianpolyglot - When you choose the “New” filter, it shows you lessons that you have not previously taken which does not relate to the date they were shared in the library. If you want to find lessons that have been recently added to the library, use the “Sort” dropdown and choose the “Date Shared” option.

I guess the question is about the English LingQ Podcast with Steve and Alex. I miss it too!

@VeraI - Unfortunately there just weren’t enough listeners for us to continue making these podcasts. Maybe we’ll be able to revive it some day… :slight_smile:

How many are enough for you?
550 - 900 listeners are not enough?
I can not believe it!

Ich glaub, ich bin im falschen Film!
=Expression in German
I think I’m in the wrong movie!

I don’t study the podcast on LingQ but I download it via the RSS feed and listen to it always!

Jolanda, I am glad you enjoy these and we will start up again. Alex was away in Korea, and I was traveling in Europe. Expect one next week.

As for new lessons in the English library, or other libraries, there are lots. Check out the list from our last newsletter.


If you press Archive Old Lessons to move all lessons older than 3 months into your Archives, it should be easier to see new lessons. Also make sure you use your Date Added sort to arrange lessons by date added to the library.

Steve and Alex
I’m glad to hear from you!

Jolanda, I will try to interview other people as well, perhaps even via the Internet and add these to the library as well, with transcript and video, if you think that would be of interest to people.

Yeah Steve!
This would be great