English learning partner

hi, everyone. I’m new here and would like to learn English. I’m looking for friends who can speak english quite well. I come from China and live in Beijing. If you are interested in Chinese and chinese culture, I can also help you. Hope to make friends with you. My Skype: luoshu830

I will try my best even though my speaking skills are not top notch. Maybe I will play more of an interviewer role and you should play more of a celebrity so you should do most of the talking.

Hi, Luoshu , welcome to the LingQ. I hope I could speak English with u too.

Hi, Luoshu. I’m Thai. I might be your a leaning partner. You know we should talk in meaningful topics rather than focus only English. I pretty good at any kind of technology. However, I love to talk any topic you like, too. See you there.

I am from india, looking for friends who wants speak english , i want to speak like american
. Anyway we are all on same page . Lets meet on skype to have good conversations. Hopefully , you consider my concerns