English discussions needed

I just spoke with a learner from Spain who requests more English discussion times during the evening time in Europe from Monday to Friday. I hope some of you can create something in this time slot.

I get tired in the evenings but I may be able to manage some half-hour ones at 6pm or 7pm London time. I’ll look at my calendar.

I’ve posted some at 8pm Madrid time M-F. I hope that will work.

I’ve almost always been in trouble to find discussions in suitable times. From my point of view, they are all happening in the middle of the day, when I’m working, or too late in the night.
The whole thing is more complicated than it seems to be. If I post here the times I would like to have events, I do have some tutors kindly creating events on these times, but I can’t get other partners, and I end up in a one-on-one, which I really don’t enjoy too much.
I guess we need both more tutors and more English learners at LingQ. I do hope your travel to be fruitful in that sense, Steve, although I recognize European time zones don’t match very well with mine.

Ana, please invite me next time you sign up for the discussion. I might be able to make it. We were in the same discussion a couple times, so available time must be close for us. I have the same problem. Allison sometimes have discussions in my suitable time, which is in Japan day time, and I almost always end up in a one-on-one. I love talking to her to death so I is OK, but it would be nice to have some companies, too.

Absolutely! Use the invite feature to try and get friends to join you in discussions. That’s why it’s there. I have used it for French discussions and found it to work well. Very often people aren’t aware of all the events or are waiting for someone else to sign up first. Let them know you’re signed up and would like them to join you!

Hi, Emma, thanks, I am going to do that for sure, as soon as I can find an event I can participate.
In fact, I’ve been ill for a while, so I guess I have my share of responsability for the lack of events on that times.
Anyway, let me try again:
Hi folks, my preferred times are from Monday to Thursday around 9pm or 10pm (gmt -2, now)